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Lil’ Bro

So we had to add another primary section to this site dedicated to another special child, Grace’s little brother Hayden Nicholas, a.k.a. “Skooter”. Mr. Hayden came along exactly four years later and about four hours. That’s right, the siblings share the same birthday. Gracie thought he was the best birthday present she ever got. I think her perspective has changed over the last two years however!

People always say, each child is VERY different and once you have kids, you realize just how true that can be. The first few years, Miss Grace was a quiet, mild mannered child that loved to sit still while reading stories and even in church. Mr. Hayden in contrast, is just now (two years later) starting to learn to sit still. Miss Grace tends to over-exaggerate the smallest of boo-boos, while Mr. Hayden barely stops to check for blood.

Never-the-less, these siblings deeply love one another, and their parents find they are God’s greatest gifts and their lives’ greatest accomplishments.