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Vacation Bible School 2012

This week I have been going to VBS. It is so much fun we do singing, dancing, arts and crafts, recreation, and we get popsicles at outside time. We have practiced singing and dancing five songs and tonight we are going to perform them! I am excited and a little nervous, but it is going to be fun. We will get our arts and crafts back tonight. We go to Mrs. Sandy’s it is so fun. We get skittles and here a story about God. Yesterday we learned about how God died on the cross for all of us because he loves us. There were thorns around his head and nails in his hands and feet and he died. A man wrapped him up in cloth and laid him in a cave. He rolled a stone in front of the cave where the entrance was so no one could take the body. Three days later the stone was rolled back and Jesus’s body was gone and the cloth was folded up! He had risen! I thought that was an amazing story. And I thought that was very, very nice of Jesus to die for us so we can ask God to forgive us and we will be forgiven. Tonight is going to be a very fun night! And that is just why I love VBS so much!