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Mary Jemison

The name of this book is Indian Captive, by Lois Lenski. Most of the story takes place at the Genesee River which is now western New York. The main characters are Mary Jemison and a Seneca Indian named Turkey Feather.

Mary Jemison lived on a farm with her family in eastern Pennsylvania until April 6, 1758 when she was taken away from her family by the Seneca Indians. They took her to southern Ohio and then to the Genesee River to live with them. Mary was very scared on this long journey with the Indians. Poor Mary did not understand them and had a very hard time with them, but she soon came to understand them and made friends.

One of her friends was named Turkey Feather. Turkey Feather was one of the Indians that helped Mary become more comfortable with them and she began to love them like she did her real family. She also became friends with an Indian baby named Blue Jay. She loved playing with Blue Jay; they would dance and play together. One day the white people came and wanted to buy Mary Jemison and take her back to the white people, but they had to have her permission to take her. One of the Indians named Gray Wolf wanted to sell Mary to an Englishman so he could buy a white man’s suit, so Mary ran and hid for a day from Gray Wolf. The next day she went to the white people to make her decision. She decided to stay with the Indians because she now loved them.

I would definitely recommend this book, because it really grabbed my attention. I am sure it will grab yours too and you will love it as much as I did.