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About AG

This website is dedicated to a special child, surprisingly named Ashleigh Grace. Blessed with charms that could tame a crocodile, and beauty that stops a crowd, this site becomes a journal of her life intended for friends and family. While there may be some posts provided to the general public, access to most of the content will be private, require registration and administrative approval in order to view. We hope you understand as it is the opinion of the site owners that the Internet, with all the good that it provides with information access and the movement towards a global village, it is still perilous territory.

As an infant, her mother was onced stopped by a stranger (while shopping in an unnamed, corrupt mega-store that her father hates to give money to) who commented that she thought mom had lost her marbles carrying around a porcelain doll, until the doll moved. Her Shirley Temple ringlets and milky skin often had an indescribable effect on complete strangers who felt compelled to speak just to get a closer look; To a point of making dad a bit uneasy considering some of the dangers this world has to offer.

So if you know Ashleigh Grace, we invite you to register to have access to private content and even to share your own stories and photos. The site owners hope that this site grows to a private and safe social network for family and friends of an amazing Grace.

Thanks for stopping by.
AG Webmaster.