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Earlier this week, the teacher sent a new book home for Grace to learn called The Birthday Car for advanced reading test purposes. Dad sat down that night to read it with Grace for the first time. After about the third page, mom spoke up and suggested that she could probably read it herself. So he started back at the beginning and asked Grace to try to read it. Of course mom was right! Grace read the entire book (first time she had seen it mind you) and struggled with maybe five words but was able to sound them out. By the second read, she new the whole book and was able to tell you the story in her own words.

So being the overly enthusiastic mom that she is, mom sends the book back to school the next day with a note stating Grace was ready for the test. Of course, she passed with flying colors! At school today, the teacher asked Grace to stand up in front of the class to read a new book about three billy goats. Mom thinks they were perhaps still skeptical of Grace’s abilities, yet the first time through, she read the entire book!